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Financial Planning for Families

At the Law Office of Dana A. Ehrlich, we care about your family and future. We offer expert advice for families and children. Our services include:

  • Tax planning

  • Budgeting

  • Budgeting for College

  • Investments for Retirement

  • Social Security Planning

  • Review contracts for sales including leasing and financing of homes and cars

Planning for College

College is expensive, for both parents and students. In addition to tuition, there’s books, meal plans, and more. We can help you plan for those costs, to reduce the amount of money you and your college-bound grad will have to borrow.

Before you borrow money, first determine how much you can borrow. Then you can determine what you will have to re-pay each month when you get out of school. This will keep you from borrowing more than you can pay back. We can walk you through this process!  A good rule of thumb is that any kind of monthly repayment in excess of $350 per month will be very difficult to re-pay for the average borrower whose salary is $35,000 or less, unless that person is willing to make some very significant compromises in terms of lifestyle and living arrangements.

Bankruptcy very rarely helps with student loans. Student loans are classified as “nondischargeable,” unless the plaintiff can be granted “undue hardship.”  Undue hardship is so narrowly defined that only in rare cases is it granted. 


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